Tuesday 31 May 2022


  "These rules are for everyone," he said at the agency, implying that I must conform to their policy.

"Your rules are not for me if they only privilege you," I replied. 

Tuesday 8 March 2022


 I lived in Ukraine in 2007. I am deeply saddened by the horror we are witnessing on the attack of the Ukrainian people. If you can, donate to an agency directly involved with providing support. 

Happy International Inclusive Women's Day

 Happy International Inclusive Women's Day. ♀♀

Thursday 24 February 2022

 What is this crap? Not only is this question super annoying when you are just trying to buy a kid a pair of pants and they are collecting unnecessary information about you but the reinforcement of the gender binary is outrageous. 

Monday 31 January 2022

Fee increase

 Hello folks. My counselling fee has increased to $160 for individuals and $175 for couples, families, parent-child sessions and all other multiple-relationship sessions. 


 Our two year COVID-19 anniversary has arrived in British Columbia. Let's say thank you to the grocery store clerks, the bus drivers, the nurses & doctors, the social workers, the first responders, the garbage collectors, the teachers, the critical incident stress responders, the shelter workers and all the other front-line workers. Least of all let's say thank you to Dr. Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix. Some of us are so privileged and are grateful for your endless commitment to us. We fostered bunnies and kittens through this pandemic, what did you do to survive, to find hope, to bring joy back into your life? 

Tuesday 23 October 2018

New Title

I received a gift, a new name plate for my office. I love it. I hope you live up to it too! What would your title be if you choose it?