Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Violation of rights of the child to privacy: Consent forms

Every single activity a child participates in requires a waiver. From field trips to summer camps the exclusion of responsibility is endless. What is also included in these waivers more often then not is a request for consent to use images and videos for promotional materials and social media.

Is it possible to provide informed consent? Do parents know what they are agreeing to when they allow the use of images of their children? Maybe it's fun to see your child on a pamphlet or flashed across a screen having the time of their life at a club. Is there any harm in that?

Give your child the freedom to develop their own personality, their own rights to their body, their own experience interacting with the larger world, their own privacy, by NOT agreeing to use photos and video on social media. By saying no to photos and videos posted on line, in print, in any electronic form you respect your child's autonomy.

Have the organization, school, and summer camp move from everything being about performance to actually experiencing the activity in a more real way, without the video cameras rolling. I love seeing photos and videos, but they do not need to be shared with the world.

The most absurd consent for photo use I stumbled upon this week was at a child's dentist office. I could not believe their explicit request to use photos and videos, including biographical information and the voices of kids in the dentist chair. Their waiver form included removing them from all liability claims resulting in misuse of these photos once posted on-line, in their promotional materials and at events where they might showcase their patients. What a violation of the rights of the child to privacy.

We have sunk very low when a dentist wants to promote their practice on the backs of children unable to give informed consent. With our digital DNA accessible to everyone, we need to pause and think before giving consent for the unlimited future use of photos and videos. Our children have a right to privacy, don't sign it away.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Rock N Beau - Rachel Beau - Vancouver's Best Kept Secret!

Rachel Beau is the best rock n roll chica you could invite into your life! From bopping and dabbing with seven year olds to rocking out with 40 year old parents, she has the spirit and energy to make a party of two feel like you are at the Oscars.

Rachel helped our vision of a flash mob come to life and was instrumental to its success. Going above and beyond, Rachel committed whole-heartedly to embracing our ideas and her enthusiasm was real and down right fun.

If you are looking for a dance party, instruction, flash-mob, community event hosing or whatever other crazy creative idea you might have - call her! She's Vancouver's best-kept secret!


Friday, 2 March 2018

City of Merritt Lacks Colour

In Merritt BC the Mayor and Council voted against allowing the high school to paint a rainbow crosswalk in celebration of diversity because it would open Pandora’s box for other “clubs”to want their own, such as the Rotary Club and the city junior hockey team. Well, if values and human rights are seen as “clubs” then I would ask the Rotary Club and the Merritt Centennial's Hockey team to step up and say yes, they’d like a painted crosswalk too, and they’d like it in rainbow colours! 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Neighbourhood Action

I saw this in the neighbourhood:

Anti-Racist Neighbourhood Watch

If you see something.
Do Something.

Thank you for posting this sticker and encouraging action!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Hot Brown Honey

A perfect way to spend a dark rainy afternoon was watching Hot Brown Honey. "Moisturize and Decolonize!" These fabulous folks rocked the East Van theatre and empowered everyone in the audience. Try and get a ticket.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Vancouver Transit Girl attacked. Shameful public response.

WTF people! Why did you not stand up to protect a teenage girl who was attacked by a man on pubpublic transit? If you are afraid push the yellow strip, call 911, DO SOMETHING! You are responsible! Shame on you. What a perfect example of racism and misogyny by the people on transit who did nothing.

On the weekend I witnessed a man who appeared homeless lose consciousness and fall off his seat and land on his face motionless. I pushed the yellow strip while the three people closest to him immediately got up to help. Transit officials were on the scene at the next stop.

Really, was there only one human on that transit that got up to help that girl? You take out your phones to film everything but no one got their phone out to call 911 or to take a picture of the offender for the police? She was courageous, smart and brave. (*#$% the rest of you.