Monday 24 June 2013

Resources - Local and Websites

There are so many resources that complement some of the services that I provide that I could spend an entire website compiling them. To mention a few seems so limiting but here goes a small attempt: (you may need to copy/type them into your browser)

Useful Resources:
 * Anxiety BC - Useful on-line info for individuals, parents and children.
* Empowering Girls books and resources (great for all genders) (“The world's largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.”)
* Legal terms in plain language
* BC211 is a telephone “Red Book” to search for social, community and government services. Simply dial 211 and an operator will be happy to search for a service for you - free.
* Disaster Response Preparation: 

Pregnancy & Infertility
* South Community Birth Program:
* Pomegranate midwives:
* Prenatal Genetic Screening. It’s your choice. Provincial Health Authorities
* A blog on life without baby, infertility experiences:
* Supporting single mothers towards personal and economic independence - YWCA Vancouver
* A single mothers by choice yahoo chat group (SMC)
* My fertility choices - information straight up. Canadian. 

* A ebook for children on transforming bullying and family tension into harmonious relationships:
* Parents on the Drive - yahoo chat group for families living around Commercial Drive
* Rainbow Families - yahoo chat group and social organizer for LGBTQ parents
* Daycare safety ratings for Vancouver lower mainland
* BC Women's Hospital Women Abuse Program and Immigrant Legal Tool Kit 

Multiple Births (twins, triplets and more)
* Multiple Births Canada: Support for parents of multiples
* Vancouver Twins and More Society -
* Twins, Triplets and More Resource Guide
* Yahoo chat group: Vancouver Twins and More 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two Spirited, Transexual, Intersex,  Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Ally:
* Trans Youth Families Allies:
* Rainbow Families - yahoo chat group and social organizer for LGBTQ parents
* Canadian Teachers Federation - “Challenging Silence, Challenging Censorship” and “Supporting Transgender and Transexual Students in K-12 Schools” publications
* LGBTQ Multiples: Support group for queer parents with multiples or for LGBTQ multiples.
* HOMINUM is a informal discussion and support group to help gay, bisexual, and questioning men with the challenges of being married, separated or single. The group meets every Monday evening around Metro Vancouver. For info and meeting locations call Don at 604-329-9760 or Art at 604-462-9813
* Mental Health Support for transgender children, youth and their families (Gender identity and diversity):
* It's Conceivable: Planning families -
* LGBTQ parent resources (Toronto) -

Local Professionals:
* Olive Branch Consulting - Leanne Harder: Education, Mediation & Program Evaluation
Other Fun Stuff to keep life light:
* Cafe Press - "products that express the things you love"
* Sticker Monkey - Who doesn't like stickers?!
* Baby books for every family (same-sex parents, adoption, single parent, twins) (look under "special families" - what they lack in name they make up with a great product)
* Some creative and fun camping tips: (I loved the pilsbury dough wrapped around a marshmallow and can also recommend cinnamon buns in an iron plan over the fire).
* And some fun ideas for the kids:

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