Wednesday 6 December 2017

Vancouver Transit Girl attacked. Shameful public response.

WTF people! Why did you not stand up to protect a teenage girl who was attacked by a man on pubpublic transit? If you are afraid push the yellow strip, call 911, DO SOMETHING! You are responsible! Shame on you. What a perfect example of racism and misogyny by the people on transit who did nothing.

On the weekend I witnessed a man who appeared homeless lose consciousness and fall off his seat and land on his face motionless. I pushed the yellow strip while the three people closest to him immediately got up to help. Transit officials were on the scene at the next stop.

Really, was there only one human on that transit that got up to help that girl? You take out your phones to film everything but no one got their phone out to call 911 or to take a picture of the offender for the police? She was courageous, smart and brave. (*#$% the rest of you.