Friday, 27 September 2013

Gender Benders Welcomed!

Where do I even start?! I could rant about the pink and blue toy store divide again or that I just received a "Canadian Girls Doll" magazine in the mail... when I emailed the company and told them they have very lovely dolls and awesome accessories and asked them if they have any boy dolls - especially without it all being about trucks, monsters and bad guy accessories, not surprisingly the answer was no. They are thinking about it but nothing is "imminent." Why even ask if we know what the outcome will be? If we don't ask nothing will change.

Boys will be boys because they are given no other options and girls will be girls as they are trained to be.  Before I started this blog I had another one called "STOP THE MADNESS." This was spurred from trying to buy a toddler toothbrush and only having the choice of blue and pink.  This shit starts young. Who knew teeth were gendered?

But to save us from despair I have a few great resources to share:

41 Transgender friendly books for young kids:

Girl clothes without the girly:

Redefine girly and reclaim boyhood clothing:

Coloring books every child should have. Gender Queer and Gender bending.